Ecuadorian Beauty wins Miss Global 2016

Ecuadorian Beauty wins Miss Global 2016
Report: Raymund Thom Golez | Managing Editor
Photos: JR Noses | Chief Photojournalist & Photo Editor

Ecuadorian beauty Angela Bonilla, a 24-year-old, make-up artist, from Urcuqui, Imbabura province, bested 39 candidates from around the world by winning the Miss Global 2016 crown at the finals night held on September 24 at the Plenary Hall of the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City, Philippines. She was considered as one of the top favorites to win title ever since the pageant commenced a few weeks prior to the coronation finals.

Miss Global 2016 Angela Bonilla being crowned by outgoing Miss Global 2016 Jessica Peart.

Bonilla, who also won the Miss Photogenic and Best in Swimsuit special awards, was asked at the final question-and-answer round, who between a man and woman was a better judge in a beauty contest. “I believe in equality, and both man and woman are qualified to be a judge“.

Miss Philippines Camille Hirro finished first runner up and Miss Australia Caitlyn Henry as second runner up. Miss Czech Republic Nikola Bechynova and Miss Norway Britt Rekkedal were third and fourth runners up respectively.

Miss Global 2016: Angela Bonilla, Ecuador; 1st Runner -up: Camille Hiro, Philippines; 2nd Runner-up: Caitlyn Henry, Australia; 3rd Runner-up: Nikola Bechynova, Czech Republic; 4th Runner-up: Britt Rekkedal, Norway.

Miss Global 2016 1st Runner Up: Camille Hirro, Philippines

Miss Global 2016 3rd Runner Up: Nicola Dechynova, Czech Republic

It was also interesting to note that this is the second time for the 5-foot-8 student of journalism at Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja to compete in an international pageant. She competed in Miss Earth 2015 in Vienna, Austria where she was unplaced.

The others who made the Top Ten were the delegates from Canada, China, India, Kenya and the Netherlands. The Top 20 included the delegates from Botswana, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Chile, Iran, Nigeria, Russia, Sweden Trinidad & Tobago, and Ukraine.

The Miss Global 2016 pageant also featured two international pageant winners with the likes of Miss Global 2015 Jessica Peart from Australia, who passed her crown to Bonilla, and Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova from Canada, who co-hosted the finals with actor Derrick Monasterio and Miss Philippines Earth 2013 Angelee Claudett Delos Reyes, and tv host, Bobby Yan.

Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova

Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova with Bobby Yan

Moreover, it was a wonderful coincidence that on the same calendar date of September 24, 2016, Ecuador (Angela Bonilla) wins (Miss Global 2016) in the Philippines, while The Philippines (Jeslyn Santos) wins in Ecuador (Miss Continentes Unidos 2016).

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