The MEGAN YOUNG not everyone knows


The MEGAN YOUNG not everyone knows
by Raymund Golez
“Sincerity is the way to heaven. – Confucius” That’s probably the best quote that would describe the recent victory of
MEGAN YOUNG in Miss World 2013. A heaven-like feeling of witnessing and experiencing the fulfillment of your dreams.
As sincerity is the key which will open the door through which you will see something new that is taking place.

Sweet, sincere and humble. That’s the most similar description people tells about Megan, especially those she has
closed contact with. “She has no pretense and definitely fun to be with.”, shares Ria Rabajante, Megan’s co-candidates and close friend in Miss World Philippines. “At first I thought we won’t hit it off, but Megan showed her earnestness as a person. The fact that she’s already a celebrity, many may conclude that she’ll gonna have a “superstar attitude”, but that’s something I didn’t see in her.”

Sincerity is the virtue of one who speaks truly about his or her own feelings, thoughts and desires.And that is being
evident in every aspect of Megan’s life. Prior to her win as Miss World Philippines, many pageant followers have been very hopeful that somehow Megan will consider venturing on beauty pageants because they believe that she has all the qualities of being one, especially as Miss World, where sincerity of heart is what obviously being seen, relating to their “Beauty with a Purpose” theme.

According to Rabajante, Megan speaks with her mind and she’s bold and truthful to herself. “I remember during our Miss World Philippines days, Megan and I get on well easily because of our common interest which is filmmaking and directing.
And the moment we learned about that, we just talked about it almost the whole day. From there, I’ve seen how jolly and engaging she really is.”, declares Rabajante. As an actress, she portrayed a “cruel”, “callous” and “ruthless” type of roles, but her showbiz colleagues attest that the true Megan is opposite from the roles she play.

Yet, not many people have seen how she evolved from being an actress to becoming a beauty queen. While many pageant followers got surprised when Megan showed up during the first screening of Miss World Philippines 2013 at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia. A different Megan is what the people see. Far from her showbiz persona, Megan captured the people’s heart when she began to express herself in front of the screening judges and the audience. This author had the chance to follow Megan up close and personal beginning from the second screening callback in Solaire Resorts and Casino. And from there, I saw how candid and outspoken she is. She’s very simple and outgoing, and some of her co-candidates confirms that. And all the way to Miss World in Bali, Indonesia, she remain consistent in her thoughts and deeds, up until she captured the first blue crown for the Philippines.

For me, it’s her beauty, personality and grace – ALL in one. That’s how I will describe Miss World 2013 MEGAN YOUNG.

I felt so proud the night that she won. It made me flashback to the journey that Megan has conquered, and I thank God that have personally witnessed it.


Megan is a typical college student if she’s away from the limelight of show business. Currently taking a major in
Digital Film Making at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. Just like any other students, on her free time, Megan
just love to hang-out at the school porch along Taft Avenue while munching on her favorite snack – FISH BALLS – from the ambulant fish ball vendor. Obviously, she no qualms in trying out things which is considered grubby by others.

Well, surprisingly, she still do that even if she already have the MWP crown on her head. Two weeks prior to her Miss World stint in Bali during one of her wardrobe fitting, Megan was seen to be buying fishballs and munching while on the street. And that’s so cool for a queenly girl like her!


After her win as Miss World Philippines, I had a privilege to interview Megan on her advocacy as a Philippine ambassadress.I learned how eager she is in supporting different foundations and charities to make a difference. She value people.
“My heart is really about charity, that’s why I love Miss World Philippines because of the genuineness of its cause…
that’s really about giving back”, declares Megan when asked about what she thinks is MWP’s edge over the other pageants.
“One of our activities during MWP is when we visited the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) in Manila, where we
were given a chance to see and meet MWP’s adopted foundation whom they’ve been helping out from long before, in terms of medical, emotional and even monetary support to sustain the needs of the beneficiaries. From there, I realized that there are more to do in terms of the needs to reach out, which ignited the desire in me to extend myself to people, as much as I could do in my own capacity.”

One thing that I learned about this half Filipino-half American lass is that, helping and giving knows no boundaries.
All we have to have is the willingness to extend ourselves to those who are in needs in whatever capacity we may be in.
Quoting from the Scripture, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”, serves as a great reminder for everyone of us
to seek opportunity to be a blessing or a channel of blessings to others, and Megan is not an exclusion from it.


Many pageant pundits have become most certain that the title really belongs to her. After the interview, I discovered that she’s fun to be with, and she’s very humble. Megan is like a little girl full of life. That I think is very important,
because now that she wins Miss World, she will be exposed to a lot of children from around the world. I noticed also, even though she’s a famous celebrity, she doesn’t make herself like the center of attraction. During the whole course of the interview, she makes me feel also that I am special. This lady is someone who will be loved by Julia Morley. The sincerity is there, which is first and foremost, the most important of all.

Quoting from Coco Chanel, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” And how would you spell classy and fabulous?
Well that’s easy…it’s M-E-G-A-N. Gets?!

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