My First Time to Eat Horse Meat! … ’twas all good!

My First Time to Eat Horse Meat! … ’twas all good!
by Raymund Thom L. Golez
(This article is based from the personal experience of the author)

“Horse Meat for dinner, anyone!? ….. I was surprised when I discovered and tasted it. My verdict? ‘Twas all good! haha …”

Such is the statement that I posted as my Wall Status on facebook few minutes after I had a dinner out with a friend from a cafe nearby…and yes, seriously, Tapang Horse meat is what we got for dinner! Sounds weird? Well, it’s true!

In Philippine context, we’ve encountered several issues with regard to exotic food, like snake meat, frog legs, alligator meat, azucena or dog meat, to name a few. But personally, hearing about horse meat is very new and unique for me.

There is an element of sentimentality between man and horses, as horses have long enjoyed a close relationship with many humans, on a similar level to household pets – this can be seen projected in such Anglophonecultural icons such as Black Beauty and My Little Pony (I’ve read and seen both the book and the film). Because of the role horses have played as a companion and as a worker, and concerns about the ethics of the horse slaughter process, it is a taboo food in some cultures.

My meal: Tapang Horse meat…

I was surprised that a small neighborhood cafe offers this unique and one-of-a-kind item on their menus. At first, I was half-hearted to try it but eventually, after discovering how it looked like when cooked, as the famous saying goes, the rest is history for me. Horse meat is more firm as compared to cow meat. The texture and smell was kind of different.

I thank God for another opportunity to explore and try out new things in this world.

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