The Clear Smooth ritual for Perfect Complexion by Life N Style Central

The Clear Smooth ritual for Perfect Complexion by Life N Style Central
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“When it comes to makeup, choose a feature you want to highlight, and be bold and adventurous–but don’t forget these four basic steps for a flawless finish: unify, conceal, mattify, glow. Take these four steps to a beautifully shine-free you.” – Barbi Chan, Professional Makeup Artist

Step 1 – Unify

–> smooth, unified, flawless complexion
“Foundation is necessary because it evens out skin tone and minimizes imperfections. Foundation is also the base where your powder, blush and eyeshadow will adhere to.”

Step 2 – Conceal

–> blemish-free and even skin tone
“Most, if not all, benefit from concealers. Applied to the right places, it does not only cover dark circles but also brightens the eye area, opening up the entire face.”

Step 3 – Mattify

–> lightweight, ultra-fine, shine free finish
“Wearing the right poweder gives your face a smooth appearance without looking chalky. That’s why it is important to choose a powder that feels light, silky, and smooth.”

Step 4 – Glow

–> radiant-looking skin
“Blush is important because it gives life, depth and tone to skin. It also gives our cheeks a healthy look.”
“Prefer cream blush if you want a natural, dewy finish, and a powder blush if you want it matte. Cream blush under powder blush is great for dramatic, long lasting effects.”

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