Life N Style Central Beauty In Focus: JENNIFER HELEN WEIGEL, Classic Mrs. Asia International Metropolitan 2015

Life N Style Central Beauty In Focus: JENNIFER HELEN WEIGEL, Classic Mrs. Asia International Metropolitan 2015
By: Raymund Thom L. Golez | Managing Director & Features Editor
Photo Credits: Mrs. Philippines Globe, Ms. Jennifer Helen Weigel, Mrs. Asia International

A strong woman understands that the gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts.” —Nancy Rathburn

This is just one of my favorite quotes that signifies women empowerment. And it thrills me everytime I get to meet women who are so much secured with their identity…as a person and as a woman. Strong-willed, straightforward, and dazzling. That’s how I will describe the beauty of JENNIFER HELEN WEIGEL, the newly-crowned CLASSIC MRS. ASIA INTERNATIONAL METROPOLITAN 2015, and the very first Filipina to hold this title which she just recently won last June 13 in the MRS. ASIA INTERNATIONAL 2015 World Finals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Jennifer Helen Weigel on her official portrait as Classic Mrs. Asia International Metropolitan 2015 by Image Asia

Jennifer Helen is the kind of woman who knows what she wants. Coming from a very influential business and political clan in Cebu, she was brought up with full of awareness that life doesn’t just gyrate in the home but also embracing the verity and the heart on being of good service to others. “My father was the former Mayor of Lapu Lapu City, Cebu and I’ve seen how much he puts his life to be of service not just merely to our constituents but to all those people who needs help“, shares Jennifer Helen, during this author’s exclusive interview with her over a very enticing and delectable lunch in an elegant restaurant of a five star hotel in Makati. “The legacy that my father has left to me brought me into a whole dimension of realization that with all the blessings I’ve received from God, it always feel good to give back and be a blessing and a channel of blessing to others, as well“. She helps various charitable organizations like Mother Theresa Foundation in Cebu City, the Home for the Aged, and DSWD Center for Abused Women, to name a few. This only shows that her beauty radiates from within. A true philanthropist by heart.

Apart from being a philanthropist, Jennifer is a hands-on businesswoman and President and Chief Executive Officer of her own company that provides jobs and opportunities to many people. She manage her own construction firm and recruitment agencies with offices and branches not just in Cebu but also in Manila. Her firm handled several multi-billion projects across the Philippines, so this literally made her a very busy woman, yet she manages her time very well to get involved with multiple extra-curricular activities under her name. “Half of the income I get from my recruitment agencies goes to charities, and those things that my father has taught me are the very same things I’m passing on to my children“, shares Jennifer who is a loving and hands-on mom to her twin daughters, Jennifer Elaine and Jasmin Ellen, both 25 and son, Andrew Philip, 13.

Jennifer Helen when she was awarded as one of the Best Dressed Women of the Philippines

Jennifer Helen with her family

Jennifer’s personality was transformed through the years of her life’s experiences. She may have the dexterity of a pugilist but she admitted that she was once a shy type. “I was never allowed by my father to join pageants during my teenage years…even as a class muse in school, he won’t allow me. But that didn’t define me as a person. I understood that my father was just so protective of me, and it’s very important for every daughters to obey their parents for it’s for their own good“, shares Jennifer, who at age 49 still maintains a waistline of 23” inches.

Joining a beauty pageant has never been on her mind but her natural grace and beauty cannot just be easily ignored. Being a member of the society of the Philippines’ Best Dressed Women, her undeniable presence caught the attention of the national director of Mrs. Philippines Globe, Ms. Morena Carla Cabrera-Quimpo, who also holds the franchise of Mrs. Asia International pageant. “Through a common friend we were introduced together back then and from there I’ve seen how naturally elegant she was, and months after that, I asked her if she’ll be interested to be the Philippine representative to a beauty pageant designed and intended for married women which is Mrs. Asia International“, shares Ms. Morena Carla. “There are two divisions in the pageant – Mrs Asia International for younger married women and Classic Mrs. Asia International which is for contestants 46 years and older. Each division gives out 6 Titles and 2 Runners-up positions. The titles are Metropolitan, Global, Cosmopolitan, All Nations, Tourism, and Goodwill.” Aside from having 5 titles per division, Morena Carla says, each nation can send 5 representatives. True enough that the beauty of a Filipina will never go wasted as Jennifer Helen Wiegel proved to us that she is deserving of the top crown. Jennifer also bagged one the major special awards, Best in Traditional Costume, which was also awarded to her during the coronation night.

During the evening gown segment of Mrs. Asia International pageant

Jennifer Helen in her winning National Costume designed by a fellow Cebuano fashion designer, Philipp Tampus

“Top Winner Of Classic Category”

1. Classic Mrs. Asia International Metropolitan 2015 – Jennifer Helen from Philippines
2. Classic Mrs. Asia International Global 2015 – YP Jean Ho from Singapore
3. Classic Mrs. Asia International Cosomopolitan 2015 – Purnima Khare from India
4. Classic Mrs. Asia International Goodwill 2015 – Ludivina Lelim Nacionales from Philippines
5. Classic Mrs. Asia International All Nation 2015 – Yvonne Ho Yeung from China
6. Classic Mrs. Asia International Tourism 2015 – Mary Bernadette Bernie Balasuriya from Sri Lanka

This author asked both Morena Carla and Jennifer which of the 5 titles was awarded first and last. It can be easily assumed and figured that the last would be the most important crown. Morena Carla said, “The Metropolitan title was awarded first, and it was the highest and the most important among the 6 titles, then the rest of the titles were awarded next to it. The Malaysian organizers had a different and unique approach and procedure in determining and announcing the winners which happens to be somewhat very far from the usual pageants we know.” Even with a small amount of time to prepare for the pageant, Jennifer Helen took everything positively and gracefully. She received training on pasarela, poise, pageant posing and styling from the renowned Cebuano beauty queen maker and head of the Kagandahang Flores Cebu camp, Mommy JONAS BORCES.

Indeed, Jennifer Helen is an epitome of an empowered woman. She truly embodied a natural beauty and awesome personality that made her stood-out in the Mrs. Asia International competition.

The Author Raymund Thom Golez, Life N Style Central’s Managing Director and Features Editor, with Mrs. Philippines Globe 2015 Sherry Lou Villasenor and Mrs. Asia Classic International Metropolitan 2015 Jennifer Helen Weigel during their exclusive interview at The Peninsula Manila.

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