Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach’s A Day In A Life as MISS UNIVERSE 2015 (part1)

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach’s A Day In A Life as MISS UNIVERSE 2015 (part1)
Photos courtesy of Miss Universe Org.

Pia Wurtzbach finally took home the much-coveted Miss Universe crown. But her journey towards achieving that childhood dream is one for the books. Let’s follow her day-to-day affair and activities in New York during the first few weeks of her reign as the queen of the universe with a heart!

My favorite room in the #MissUniverse office: the stylist’s office where all the clothes are. And now it’s even more fun because I just got my first batch of #ChineseLaundry shoes! Oh what fun. #😍 -Pia

I absolutely loved working with Fadil Berisha Studio. I remember the first time I saw him I was walking past the photoshoot set up in Planet Hollywood and I immediately called out his name, “Hi Fadil! I’m Miss Philippines!”, as if I’ve known him for a long time already 😂 I shook his hand and introduced myself right away. And when it was my turn to shoot I just had to tell him “I’ve been dreaming of having a shoot with you for years. I’ve studied a lot of your work and I practiced so many times back home in preparation for my shoot here with you for the #MissUniverse pageant.” I’m just so happy that I get to continue on working with him now as Miss Universe. More shoots, more fun. #❤ #Kilig #MissUniverso #ConfidentlyBeautiful -Pia

There’s plenty of #Love to go around. #❤ #MissUniverse -Pia

I’m ready to take on the day! Getting hair and makeup done by my glam squad this morning for Good Morning America! Tune In to watch starting at 7:30am EST. -Pia

So excited to be on-set at Good Morning America with Lara Spencer. Tune in between 7:30-8:00am EST to catch me. -Pia

Backstage waiting to go on LIVE with Kelly and Michael. Tune in now to ABC. 😀 -Pia

Goofing around backstage at LIVE with Kelly and Michael in my Karen Millen dress and pumps. #MYKM -Pia

What an exhilarating experience it was to be on LIVE with Kelly and Michael. #MissUniverse -Pia

Look who made a surprise visit during my interview at Access Hollywood: Eva Longoria and Ken Paves. -Pia

Just had my interview with Entertainment Tonight. I got to sit down with Nischelle Turner who also happened to be a Prelim judge during #MissUniverse. -Pia

Get a peak inside of my New York apartment on Inside Edition. Come check it out! -Pia

Tune in right now to catch Pia on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. #MissUniverse

We did it! Final interview of the night starts soon on Nightline. Stay up with me and watch at 12:30EST. 😚 – Pia

It’s time to start Day 2 off with Fox & Friends. #MissUniverse -Pia

I spy my crown. 👀 We got to have a little fun during some downtime at Fox & Friends. -Pia

Felt #ConfidentlyBeautiful in my Karen Millen dress and shoes during #GDNY FOX 5 NY this morning. 👗👠 #MYKM -Pia

Heading to my CNN International interview! So excited to be here. -Pia

Can you believe it’s my first time in Central Park since I moved to New York? I took a quick stroll today in-between meetings. 🍃 -Pia


Behind the scenes at the Associated Press photoshoot. #MissUniverse

It’s my first time cooking in my New York apartment. I’m so happy to finally be having a home-cooked meal. -Pia

I started off my day with PIX 11 News. How did you start yours? -Pia

I found home! @pix11news -Pia

I’m about to go live on SiriusXM Radio right now with Sway Calloway! Tune in to listen. smile emoticon – Pia

Next stop: Yahoo Beauty. I’ll be doing a live Periscope at 12:30pm EST, come check it out. -Pia

Yes, this restaurant was just as cool as it looks! What a fun interview at Jeepney restaurant for Kababayan Today. Jeepney is a Filipino restaurant in NYC dedicated to “barkada” life. -Pia

Such a New York moment. -Pia

Tune in to Bustle to hear the five things Pia misses the most about the Philippines. #MissUniverse

Shot from earlier this week. 🍃 #MissUniverse

Photoshoot at the apartment today. 😉 -Pia

We would never want to take it off either! 👑
Finally watched Allegiance last night! Starring Ms Lea Salonga, who is also Filipina. Superb performance from the whole cast. I ad tears in my eyes by the end of the show. #❤ -Pia

Look what I found! Steady Sunday night and now I’m off to bed and ready for work tomorrow. Goodnight. -Pia

How I feel when my crush replies. Just kidding. Haha, I was on 9GAG. -Pia

This is what was actually happening: Behind the scenes from our shoot in my apartment. It was so cozy in there. -Pia

Our lovely #MissUniverse, behind the scenes, during a photoshoot.

Some green screen fun this Wednesday at Business Insider. -Pia

Guess whose picture is going up here, in the #MissUniverse office, soon? 🙋🏻 -Pia

Truly spectacular day today with @mega_magazine. #MegaNationWithPia #MegaNation -Pia

Guess which two people are finally reunited 😃👯💕 so happy to finally get to see @piawurtzbach killing it as our new @missuniverse 🙌🏼 it’s only been a few days and I can already tell she is an incredible roomie and we will have the adventure of a lifetime over the next 6 months! Can’t wait to share with you all what we are up to! #wcw #missuniverse #missusa #roomie

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