IN PHOTOS: Mr. & Ms. Great Bodies 2016

IN PHOTOS: Mr. & Ms. Great Bodies 2016
Report: Raymund Thom Golez | Managing Editor
Photos: JR Noses | Chief Photojournalist & Photo Editor

Slimmers World International Mr. & Ms. Great Bodies is one of the most prominent fitness competition in the country. It reflects Slimmers World’s philosophy towards holistic fitness, considering not just on physical development but the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional aspects of the individual as well.

This year’s Mr. & Ms. Great Bodies was held on November 15 at Resorts World Manila. Grand Winners are Male Category: No.05 Pio Luz of Slimmers World Pasay Road, Female Category: No.04 Lougen Saldo of Slimmers World Pasay Road, 1st Runner-Up: Male Category: No.13 Kai Khodaverdi of Slimmers World Pasay Road, Female Category: No.06 Ice Martinez, Female of Slimmers World Pasay Road 2nd Runner-Up: Male Category: No.27 Amir Madadi of Slimmers World Adriatico, Female Category: No.20 Maricarl Tolosa of Slimmers World Megamall

It’s a competition between Slimmers World’s fittest and finest clients and members, with some contestants making their own mark in the fitness industry. Some of the biggest names to have come out of the competition are Jackie Lou Blanco, Chinggay Andrada, Carlos Morales, Andrew Schimmer, Ivy Violan, and GMA 7 news reporter Lala Roque.

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