Miss Asia Pacific International 2016 Pageant Kicks Off

Revival edition of Miss Asia Pacific International 2016 Kicks Off
Report: Arvin Matuguinas Cabachete | Media Correspondent
Photos: JR Noses | Chief Photojournalist & Photo Editor

After years of hiatus, Miss Asia Pacific International pageant is back with a blast. Centered on the theme “Beauty in Diversity’, the 40 delegates were presented to the members of the press last November 17 at Casino Filipino Manila Pavillion.

During the press presentation, all 40 stunning delegates strut their stuffs wearing two-piece swimsuit and shoes provided by Jojo Bragais. After the introduction of candidates, the members of the press selected their bets and the top three winners for the Darling of the Press award are:
Winner: Yangon, Nay Chi Lin
2nd Place: Canada, Natalie Carriere
3rd Place: South Sudan, Achol Arow

What is pageant without the crown, right? Mutya ng Pilipinas/MAPI President Jacqueline Tan-Sainz revealed the new Miss Asia-Pacific International crown made by Manny Halasan.

It’s back and it is participated in by stunning delegates from around the world,” said Jacqueline Tan, President of the Mutya ng Pilipinas Organization, during the press presentation.  

The Philippines is represented by Ganiel Akrisha Krishan. The 21 years old lady is also a court-side reporter for the University Athletic Association of the Philippines who report for the FEU Tamaraw’s varsity team. Coronation night will be held at Sheridan Resort & Spa in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan Province this November 23. Delayed telecast will be shown in Star World.

Complete list of delegates are:
1.Australia, Madeleine Stock
2.Bangladesh, Lamiya Hoque
3.Belarus, Polli Cannabis
4.Bolivia, Catherine Caceres
5.Canada, Natalie Carriere
6.China, Zhao Le
7.Colombia, Jose Stephanie Fernandez
8.Cook Islands, Felicia George
9.Egypt, Ayse Khaled
10.France, Pauline Leulliez
11.Germany, Mona Schafnitzl
12.Guam, Audre Dela Cruz
13.Hongkong, Qi Kong
14.India, Shiva Srishti Vyakaranam
15.Indonesia, An Nisaa Meidina
16.Iraq, Farah Al Haddad
17.Japan, Natsuki Suzuki
18.Korea,Soyeon Kim
19.Lebanon, Mony Zreik
20.Macau, XunYuan Zhang

21.Malaysia, Rishon Shun
22.Mongolia, Uyanga Amarmend
23.Myanmar, Nan Hlaing Hlaing Moe
24.Nepal, Anshu KC
25.Netherlands, Tessa le conge
26.New Caledonia, Mondy Laigle
27.New Zealand, Amalina Bunyasakdi
28.Pakistan, Madeeha Naseer
29.Peru, Ana Lucia Leiva Pereyra
30.Philippines, Ganiel Akrisha Krishnan
31.Russia, Tatiana Tsimfer
32.Siberia, Maria Platonova
33.Singapore, Ariel Bijiao Xu
34.South Sudan, Achol Arow
35.Taiwan, Mei Hsuan Lai
36.Thailand, Chawanya Thanomwong
37.Ukraine, Chawanya Thanomwong
38.USA, Kristian Gean Navarre
39.Vietnam, Hoang Thu Thao
40.Yangon, Nay Chi Lin

About the pageant:
Miss Asia Pacific International, launched was first launched in 1968 and is considered as the first and oldest beauty pageant in Asia. It was originally a regional pageant known as Miss Asia Quest with 18 participating countries. The participants came from Asian and Oceanian countries. It was later renamed to Miss Asia Pacific in 1984 to accommodate Pacific-rim countries in the Americas as well. In 2004, it became global by accepting women from Europe, Africa, and other countries outside the pageant’s boundaries and called Miss Asia Pacific International.

Miss Asia Pacific International is governed by its original Board of Directors namely:
Chairman: Joseph T, Tan
Jacqueline C. Tan, Director
Michael Tan, Director
Jefferson C. Tan, Treasurer
Roberto De Venecia, President

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