Ms. Eco Philippines 2017 Cynthia Thomalla In Favor of Boracay Island’s Closure

Report: Arvin Cabachete | Writer & Correspondent
Photos: JR Noses | Chief Photojournalist & Photo Editor

“It’s a wise decision to close Boracay for some months,” this was declared by Cynthia Thomalla when asked by the members of the press on the issue of temporary closure of the said island.

“I think it is timely.  We should know how to take care of the environment. I went to Boracay last January and I feel na talaga na we need to do something. I think closing Boracay for some months is good for the ocean and to the place to rejuvenate and for rehabilitation of natural resources. I also hope that employees who will be unemployed will get alternative job for that,” Thomalla added.

According to CNN Philippines report, the Philippines has announced a six-month closure of the popular tourist destination of Boracay over concerns the island’s famous beaches and clear blue waters have been transformed into a “cesspool” due to sustained environmental damage.  The closure will begin on April 26.

The MWP Organization organized a rousing sendoff press conference for Cynthia Thomalla last April 6, 2018 held at Full Belly Craft Kitchen, Sgt. Esguerra cor. Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

She will be competing for the 4th edition of Miss Eco International pageant to be held at the Cairo Opera House in Zamalek, Egypt on April 27. More than 70 countries will participate.

She is the last to compete among the winners of MWP 2017. With Teresita Marquez and Sophia Senoron’s recent victories in Reina Hispanoamericana and Miss Multinational pageant, the MWP Organization is hoping for a three-peat victory.

Cynthia Thomalla is set to compete at the Miss Eco International 2018 pageant to be held in Egypt on April 27.

“I think it is both an advantage and disadvantage to compete last among the reigning queens of MWP 2017. My fellow sisters set the bar so high that I got so pressured. This pressure motivates me to do more and train even better,” Thomalla confessed to the member of the media.

Among the well-wishers during the send-off press conference are her fellow MWP 2017 sisters, Bessie Besana (MWP General Manager) and Arnold Vegafria (MWP National Director).

The MWP organization also said a piece of good luck message to the queen.

From left to right: Bessie Bessana (MWP General Manager), Laura Lehmann (Miss World Philippines 2017), Teresita Marquez (Reina Hispanoamericana 2017), Cynthia Thomalla (Miss Eco Philippines 2017), Arnold Vegafria (MWP National Director), Sophia Senoron (Miss Multinational 20170 ) and Glyssa Leian Perez (Miss World Philippines 2017 First Princess).

“I don’t want to pressure her (Cynthia Thomalla). Just enjoy the pageant. I’m positive that she will bring home the crown. Just be a friendly candidate,” Arnold Vegafria said.

“We are just confident in her success and we don’t worry because we know she will do well. And she’s the one who get worried. I just want to remind you to have fun and make friends because you know you’ll be with 71 candidates which means you’ll have 71 friends from different countries. When you visit those countries, you’ll have a place to stay,” said Ms. World Philippines 2017 Laura Lehmann.

“Ever since MWP, you’ve always been a tough competitor and everyone knows that and when you go to Egypt makikita nila ito. You are beautiful and you’re face and body are really amazing. I know you’ll kill there and you are very prepared,” said reigning Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 Teresita Marquez.

Cynthia Thomalla with her loyal fans and supporters.

“We’ve been through a lot and I know that the first time we met during MWP I knew you were (a) queen. I know you will do well in the pageant,” said reigning Miss Multinational 2017 Sophia Senoron.

“Thia I’m very proud of you already.  You will do so well. You’ve been working so hard and I know all your sacrifices and hard work that you put into it. You will do great and we are all here to support you,” said Ms. World Philippines 2017  first princess Glyssa Leian Perez.

“I’m very positive on the chances of Cynthia to win. Now palang nararamdaman na ng global community that we have a strong contestant and a lot of the girls are looking forward to meet Cynthia. We also got a good feedback from the organization. Kinukulit nila kami na where are the photos and videos of Cynthia,” declared Bessie Besana, MWP General Manager.

During the event, Arnold Vegafria and Cynthia Thomalla also shared the pageant’s background and advocacy.

“The winner must be knowledgeable about environment, must be an environmentalist, and know how to preserve the natural resources. She should be smart and beautiful and with pleasing personality. The winner will be considered as Ambassador of Goodwill for the UN. She will automatically get a 6 year diplomatic passport,” Arnold Vegafria said.

“My advocacy is sustainable tourism with being a responsible traveler. I’m really close with this advocacy because I love to travel. I want to show the world and the travelers how to be responsible in travelling,” Thomalla said when asked about her advocacy.

Thomalla will be leaving early morning of April 9. Pageant fans can help her by voting her online using Mobstar, Washawasha, Facebook and/or liking her ecotourism video on Youtube.

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