Philippine Fashion Gala 2018 A Success

Centered on the theme “LOCAL”, MTP Productions had a successful staging of Philippine Fashion Gala 2018 held yesterday, June 2, at Green Sun Hotel, Makati City.

The fashion show was aimed to showcase the different collections of 35 young and upcoming fashion designers representing Africa, Taiwan and different provinces in the Philippines.

“I’m very proud to present to you this fashion show. We would like to showcase that the Philippine Fashion is not only limited to Baro’t Saya. We will show to the world the Filipino’s creativity and culture when it comes to fashion. I hope you would appreciate the Filipino fashion in this show. I am Filipino and I’m proud being a Filipino”, producer Mike Tagle said in his opening speech.

Mike Tagle of MTP Productions during the opening program. Image: Marie Rodeo

The event also aims to stabilize and further what and how made in the Philippines could be. Designers were inspirited with cultures, tribes, history and Philippine arts. Veritably, some garments translated with the use of local fabrics such as piña and abaca; some compacted with patriotic symbolism like Philippine Peso, deities and Philippine mythology; and some fused the traditional Filipiniana into modern and timely approach.

The first show featured the collections of these designers:

  • IAcademy Graduates: Andrea Liwanag, John Legaspi, Deang Mio, Diana Roderno
  • Yna Mendez
  • JC Roldan
  • Belle Villanueva
  • Eds Resos
  • Jacob Casem
  • Rommel Salonga
  • Fhryne Danan
  • Carl Arcusa

The second show featured the collections of the following designers:

  • Jobert Cristobal
  • Kathy Montales
  • Gab Flores
  • Kim Dayanghirang
  • Nicia Bobavilla
  • Patricia Gavan
  • Mitch E.V
  • Krestein Isles
  • Karynn Hermoso
  • Jennica Castro
  • Tajah Fuentes
  • Kat Joplo

The third and final show featured the collections of the following designers:

  • Esther Weddings
  • Vince Borja
  • Bernie Ngwe
  • Sasa Abarentos
  • Ranel Espaldon
  • Bernard Escalona
  • Gim Jude Oliveros
  • Adam Balasa
  • Xioti Chiu
  • Fadal

Congratulations to MTP Productions specially to Mike Tagle for a very successful show.

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