Julia Morley accepts transgender in Miss World pageant but in one condition

Report by Arvin Cabachete

Photo by JR Noses

Julia Morley, Chairwoman of the Miss World Organization, welcomes transgender in the Miss World contest but they should submit these requirements. They should have a birth certificate and passport indicating that they are female.

This was declared by Ms. Morley during the press conference held today, October 5, at Maxim’s Hotel, Resorts World Manila.

“When someone is accepted into Miss World, is a very simple thing. For me transgender people should do what they want to do and be what they want to be. But when you got rules and renditions on the whole world, one thing you have to do is remember you have to each follow the rules. Now the rule is you got to have a birth certificate and passport. You can’t have it without it,” addressed Morley to the press.

Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar poses for photo after the press presentation held today at Maxim’s Hotel, Resorts World Manila.

“Now when that passport says this is Miss whatever the name could be. It’s not my business about the sexuality. I’m not there to judge their sexuality. I’m there to welcome the candidate. You are most welcome into our contest. The more we allow people to be themselves and choose what they want to be in life, that’s good enough for me. ” Morley added.

Arnold Vegafria, National Director of Miss World Philippines Organization, also speaks up on the issue.

“I have nothing against transgender or transwoman but I have to follow the rule of the international organization. Whatever the international organization so on the rule, that’s what I follow. According to Ms. Morley, if that is the requirement and if it’s tagged in the birth certificate or passport that you are a woman. That’s the only thing I will follow,” Vegafria said to the press.

“With the other titles, we haven’t talk about it yet but with the major one which is the Miss World Organization, you heard it from Ms. Morley. That’s their primary requirement. I have nothing against transgender woman if they want to join. As long as you have to show that you are a registered (woman).” Vegafria added.

Miss World 2016 and BWAP Ambassador Stephanie Del Valle is all smile after the press presentation held today.

Julia Morley is now in the country to attend the Miss World Philippines 2018 coronation night this Sunday, October 7. Joining here are Miss World 2016 Stephanie Del Valle and the reigning Miss World from India, Manushi Chillar. Both will serve as the board of judges. Mr. World 2012 Francisco Escobar will host the pageant’s night.

From left to right: Bessie Besanna (General Manager of Miss World Philippines Organization), Manushi Chillar (Miss World 2017), Julia Morley (Chairwoman of Miss World Organization), Stephanie Del Valle (Miss World 2016) and Arnold Vegafria (National Director of Miss World Philippines Organization).


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