Philippine Auto Con 2019 Photo by Leo De Leon

The Philippine Autocon 2019 is the newest automotive event that has tons of fun activities, delicious food, and amazing bargains not just for car enthusiasts, but for the entire family.

Autocon is a spectacle organized by that not only car enthusiasts will enjoy, but the entire family too. The event brings a considerable smorgasbord of sights and experiences through a multi-day car and accessories exhibit complemented by other exciting happenings such as car auction entertainment booths an many more.

@ the Auto Con 2019
Celebrity Guest
Danita Paner

we ask her to state a facts about her and she replied, jolly and sweet person.
Race Chip Angel
Race chip Angel

she started as a globe ambassador model and car show model aswell and now she is a playmate ph 2018.

A carshow mpdel and has been with ALX Autosports Carwash and Accessories
ALX Offroad Republic
Decal Republic as an endorser.
Happy Face Philippine AutoCon2019s of
Happy Face Philippine AutoCon2019s of

one of the cast at pepito manoloto

, entertainment booths, and more.

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