PH bet Gazini Ganados capped off Miss Universe ’19 at Top 20

PH bet Gazini Ganados capped off Miss Universe ’19 at Top 20 Report: Raymund Thom Golez | Managing Editor Photo: Raymund Golez | Image Credits: Troi Santos of Getty Images

ATLANTA, Georgia – Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados finished off at Top 20 at the 2019 Miss Universe Competition held at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. She told Life N Style Central on Friday that “my game plan for this Sunday is to remain who I am and enjoy every moment of the main event and to be more energetic and bubbly and then I know that I will shine to be myself“.

Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados answers questions from the media during the press junket. | Image: RAYMUND GOLEZ

Ganados was one of the heavy favorites in this year’s competition and expected to reach a higher placement. Many pageant followers and aficionados believes that Ganados prepared well in all areas, in terms of physical, mental, and social aspects, to make her stand out in the whole duration of the competition, just like her predecessors. Reports says that a bunch Filipino fashion designers has come together to form and provide a gigantic wardrobe collections for Ganados.

The Top 20 finalists were given a few minutes to give their personal statements. Ganados, who was brought up by her grandparents, chose to highlight her advocacy for better elderly care.

I realized that there is a stigma between ageism, poverty, exclusivity, and invincibility. It is rightful for us to remember that they were the ones who paved the way for us. We should reciprocate that love and no one should have to be left behind“, she said.

Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados as she was called in the Top 20 of the Miss Universe finals | Image Credit: TROI SANTOS of Getty Images

It was the first time in pageant history that a Filipino delegate didn’t advance in the next round after being announced in the Top 20. However, many Filipinos were still happy with her placement after a nerve-wracking Top 20 announcement, wherein she was not included in the continental selections. Ganados was the first one who were called in the Final 5 of the Top 20 semifinalists.

Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados during the Swimsuit round of the Miss Universe 2019 Preliminary Competition | Image Credit: TROI SANTOS of Getty Images

Ganados talked about her advocacy focused on elderly care in her opening statement, after she entered as one of the Final 5 to complete the Top 20. Aside from placing in the Top 20, Ganados won the national costume competition with her Philippine eagle-inspired ensemble, designed by top Filipino couture designer, Cary Santiago. She is the second Filipina to win the award after Charlene Gonzales in 1994.

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