“Tantanan” is the debut release single for the Filipino social media influencer Meiko Montefalco.
With millions of followers across all social media platforms and many more in views and likes, this
Manila-based social media artist seems to know what she is doing.
Following her success on social media, especially during the pandemic, this TIKTOK star always wanted a
a career in music or at least try to start one.
A well-known Pinoy songwriter Lolito Go helped Meiko achieve a long-term dream of hers by writing this
sure hit “Tantanan”, produced by Pinnacle Hub Productions.
“Tantanan” is a Latin-style song about the drama of the Ex that is making waves in the Philippines. In her
debut single, Meiko contacted dancers from Dubai to create a cover dance clip for her song until she has
the time and freedom to create her own music video clip. The YouTube clip is already been watched by
thousands and the dance steps are commended.

Hearing about another Social Media influencer releasing a song didn’t sound like news to me but I was
intrigued to listen; don’t judge a book by its cover, they say.
A smooth Latin guitar, percussions, and melody, the singer talking about her unfaithful ex and how she
left him, the claps in the background and her smooth voice caught me off guard and made me sing along
while tapping my foot with the tempo.
Meiko didn’t shoot a music video yet for her debut song Tantanan but she asked her dancer friends from
Dubai to shoot a dance cover and I was sent the youtube link to check it out. The video like the song is
smooth and simple, the ladies are dancing to the music and not trying to steal the show, the song is the
star, and it works. It has already been watched by thousands and the dance steps commended for.


Tantanan is a successful start for Meiko Montefalco, written by the well-known Pinoy songwriter Lolito
Go and produced by Pinnacle Hub Productions. Looking forward to her other releases



*CLICK THE LINK To See her YOUTUBE Channel, Thank you!

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