“GenXins” Mark Mr. And Ms. Chinatown Philippines’ Monumental 10 Years

25 October 2023, Manila – The 10th year of Mr. and Ms. Chinatown Philippines (MMCP)
gets underway with 20 young Chinoys and Chinays, or “GenXins”, all vying for the chance
to be the next ambassador and ambassador of the Chinese-Filipino youth.

Currently the only pageant in the Philippines for the Chinoy community, MMCP is the
flagship project of the Miss Chinatown Foundation, which it co-organizes with CHiNOY TV. For
its 2023 edition, the project will be represented by 10 male and 10 female hopefuls, or
known as GenXins, who come from various schools and backgrounds, ranging from
athletes to entertainment professionals.
“GenXin originated from Generation and Xin, which means ‘new’, so we coined this word to
depict the next generation Chinoys”, shares CHiNOY TV President, Alvin Kingson Tan.
“With the candidates being mostly from the Gen-Z generation, we are utilizing MMCP as a
a platform for GenXins to share their ideas, and improve themselves, but more than anything, for
them to be appreciative of their Chinoy roots.”
Mikko Araneta, who has been MMCP’s Pageant Director since 2018, adds that the project’s
The 10-year mark is also an opportunity to broaden its vision and contributions to the wider
community. “I think we are trying to redefine what pageantry means in this time and age.
Aside from the gloss and spectacle, it really is about the contestant’s journey and what
meaning they can draw out of it when the contest is done.”

All candidates will be taking part in a series of training sessions and challenges to help
them learn more about their culture, discover their skills, and showcase their potential,
such as the Cultural Costume Competition or Chinatown Day, where they will parade in
elaborate getups that symbolize Chinoy culture. There will also be a Ting Hun-inspired
Chinatown Ball which will take place in Hilton Manila. Finally, the GenXins’ journey will
culminate on 19 November 2023, where they face off for the last time at the Coronation
Night in Resorts World Manila.
Witness the journey of MMCP’s 10th-year candidates, or GenXins, by following Mr. and
Ms. Chinatown Philippines and CHiNOY TV on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The
same will be shown in a four-part limited series of the documentary Chinese By Blood,
Filipino By Heart, which airs on CNN Philippines.

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